Watuko Headgear was Established in April of 2011. My name is Jocelyn Wendelborg and I am the Founder of Watuko Headgear and creator of the Watuko Line of multifunction headwear. It all began in my basement, sitting on the floor with paper, scissors, an idea and my computer. I spent months searching for the ideal textile, made numerous samples and researched different markets. I even imported hundreds of samples from dozens of manufacturers off-shore to see if this was the road to go down. Like any designer, I needed to make Watuko Headgear my own. I wanted to create a functional garment that would be unique, have beneficial properties and be fashionable. I wanted to attract the sportsperson, fashion diva and even those who have lost their hair due to Illness.  It became extremely important to me that I wanted to use natural fabrics and keep the manufacturing process in Canada. After several months of research and product development, my vision was clear. We launched with our first retail store in July 2011 and have never looked back.

Watuko Headgear is designed and made in Canada for numerous markets. The benefits of our unique textile (Bamboo) is exceptional for FASHION (comfort & style), SPORT (breathable, wicking, anti-bacterial) and for persons with skin sensitivity associated with allergies or hair loss from chemotherapy. Watuko Headgear is enjoyed in all seasons by both men and women, young and old.  We have expanded our line of headwear with four functional garments, 2 for winter and two all seasons. For more information on our textiles, refer to the "Natural Fabrics" section of our website.  Visit our online store or a retailer near you showcasing up to 60+ different patterns and colors. 

Using natural fibres of Bamboo will define our brand. We will set high standardsto produce superior products of quality and merit.  With growth and opportunity in international markets, we will work only with companies of integrity and who uphold the resposibilities of social wellness for their employees.

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