The "Summerfest" bamboo Multifunctional Tube. 100% Unique and Uni-Sex; nothing like it on the market! Say no to "polyester microfibre" headwear and say YES to eco-friendly organic bamboo headwear!


Celebrate the vibrancy of your life with this stunning and seamless multuse headwear. This artisan pattern really catches eyes when worn in public and you're sure to love the long-lasting bamboo fabric for years to come.


In fact we humbly predict this won't be your one and only Watuko Headgear item in your wardrobe. Like the vast majority of our customers, we're confident you'll be back to buy gifts for your friends and family; not to mention purchasing multiple headwear choices for yourself.


All Watuko multifunctional headwear is made from the cellulose of Bamboo. Bamboo is quick drying and moisture-wicking. The fabric is filled with micro-gaps; making it impeccable for ventilation, breathability, and moisture absorption.


Watuko Bamboo Products are soft, silky and luxurious to the touch.  They are also naturally Hypoallergenic - Unlike polyester microfibre, often used in multifunction headwear, our eco-friendly bamboo fibres will not irritate your skin making Watuko Headgear the natural solution for those with sensitivities.


Watch the "How to Wear" video from our founder.

Summerfest / Multifunction Tube / Item:153

SKU: BMC-153
    • multiuse/multifunctional
    • uni-sex
    • super-soft bamboo
    • superior wind resistance
    • superior breathability
    • superior moisture-wicking
    • superior ventilation
    • colourfast textiles
    • highly durable
    • lightweight
    • eco-friendly
    • fast drying
    • naturally hypoallergenic
    • woven with micro-gaps
    • seamless



Made in Canada

Manufactured by hand

with loving care.

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