The "Knightly" bamboo Multifunctional Tube. 100% Unique and Uni-Sex; nothing like it on the market! Say no to "polyester microfibre" headwear and say YES to eco-friendly organic bamboo headwear!


Dark and romantic! This one-of-kind multiuse tube is a real hit with our growing legion of fans. The perfect wardrobe accessory, and the ideal active wear for people on the go. But like we always say; "You need to feel Watuko Headgear products in your hand and on your head to fully appreciate the silky smooth feel!"


The Knightly looks fantastic with any wardrobe choice you make, and it's durable like no other multifunction tube on the market. This item will be your go-to tube for many years to come. Check out Julie's review to see how happy people are with their Watuko Headgear! Once you take possession of your bamboo headgear send us YOUR photo along with your review and we'll include it in our social media streams! Join our community!


All Watuko multifunctional headwear is made from the cellulose of Bamboo. It's quick drying, moisture-wicking, and because the fabric is filled with micro-gaps is feels like cashmere on your skin; making it impeccable for ventilation, breathability, and moisture absorption.


Watch our founder (Joceyln) personally show you the different ways you can wear it!


Knightly / Multifunction Tube / Item:171

C$24.95 Regular Price
C$21.21Sale Price
    • multiuse/multifunctional
    • uni-sex
    • super-soft bamboo
    • superior wind resistance
    • superior breathability
    • superior moisture-wicking
    • superior ventilation
    • colourfast textiles
    • highly durable
    • lightweight
    • eco-friendly
    • fast drying
    • naturally hypoallergenic
    • woven with micro-gaps
    • seamless



Made in Canada

Manufactured by hand

with loving care.

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