The "Rorschach" bamboo Multifunctional Tube. 100% Unique and Uni-Sex; nothing like it in the market! Say no to "polyester microfibre" headwear and say YES to eco-friendly organic bamboo headwear!

Named after the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, this stunning multi-use buff accentuates it's bamboo origin and artisan design perfectly. They say "a picture is like a thousands words", but until you feel this silky smooth tube (and wear it for yourself) you can't fully appreciate it's value.


It's black, white, and grey highlights make it ideal for almost any occasion or activity. Whether you're on a hike, cycling, running, or just running some daily errands, it looks more that just "smart" - it's a head-turner! There's no other buff on the market that outperforms it due to it's superior moisture-wicking and breathability.


See our full list of features and advantages to learn more. We know you'll love it so much you'll want to order other designs, and purchase our headwear for gifting others!


All Watuko multifunctional headwear is made from the cellulose of Bamboo. It's quick drying, moisture-wicking, and because the fabric is filled with micro-gaps is feels like silk on your skin; making it impeccable for ventilation, breathability, and moisture absorption.


Watch our founder Joceyln in this video showing some popular uses for the multifunctional tube!


Rorschach / Multifunction Tube / Item:186

    • multiuse/multifunctional
    • uni-sex
    • super-soft bamboo
    • superior wind resistance
    • superior breathability
    • superior moisture-wicking
    • superior ventilation
    • colourfast textiles
    • highly durable
    • lightweight
    • eco-friendly
    • fast drying
    • naturally hypoallergenic
    • woven with micro-gaps
    • seamless



Made in Canada

Manufactured by hand

with loving care.

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