The "Apex" all seasons slouch beanie hat from Watuko Headgear.


This bamboo slouchy is a one-of-a-kind creation we're very proud of! It's vibrant artisan design is sure to turn heads when you're out on the go. In a more conservative mood? No worries - simply reverse your Watuko beanie and go with a solid colour look.


But there is so much more to a Watuko beanie besides it's appearence. Read our features list to see the full menu of advantages you get with your slouchy hat. This is a high quality item, hand-made with colourfast textiles that resist fading from washing and the elements.


Perfect for people with active lifestyles, and a desire to own top-of-the-line items. When you own a Watuko slouchy hat you own extravagance; you've hit what your humble narrotor calls "the fashion trifecta" - 1) Quality 2) Practicality 3) Affordability


All Watuko Headgear SM/M beanies fit most women. Our large/XL beanies will fit most men. They're hand made from eco-friendly organic bamboo, hand sewn, individually cut, and  packaged with care by our dedicated team members.


Learn more about our manufacturing process and the history of Watuko Headgear.

Apex / Slouch Beanie Hat / Item:SM/M-110

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  • It seems like a typical day in the grocery store, and you're investigating the quality of the green apples in the fruit section. But you've got a strange feeling; a feeling like someone is watching you.


    You bag up your top picks, place them in the cart, and start back down the aisle. You make a turn down the frozen food aisle, and it's there you realize it's not just your imagination; there is a young man watching you. Your eye catches his eye, and he quickly turns his head in an attempt to feign the obvious.


    You're all done now and standing in the check-out line.


    There he is again! Except this time he's not just looking at you; he's walking straight toward you!


    "Do I know this person? Is he a neighbor? Is he an acquaintance I can't remember?", your mind races with questions.

    He stops a few feet from you;


    "Really sorry to bother you but I just won't forgive myself if I don't ask you where you got that beanie!"



Made in Canada

Manufactured by hand

with loving care.

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