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The "Graffito" all seasons slouch beanie hat from Watuko Headgear.


This bamboo reversible is another eye-catcher in our line of small-to-medium sized slouch hats. Like all Watuko products the material is fast drying, wicking, and naturally hypoallergenic. The "Graffito" is rich with purple, blue, and greenish pattern highlights; sure to turn heads when you're out for another day of activity.


Hand-made from super-soft bamboo that feels like silk against your skin; it's sure to be the mainstay beanie of your future. Just ask some of our existing customers who LOVE their Watuko Headgear!


All Watuko Headgear SM/M beanies fit most women. The Large/XL beanies fit most men. All of our slouchy hats are made with eco-friendly organic bamboo, and they're hand sewn, individually cut, and quality checked with attention to detail.


Learn more about our bamboo products here!

Graffito / Slouch Beanie Hat / Item:SM/M-143

  • You're cycling up that grinding hill on your favorite route and you can see the summit closing in. You can feel your heart pumping and you can feel the surge of adrenaline as you release at the top.


    You pick up speed coming down the steep hill, and a car appears on your left. The driver of the car looks over and gives you a wink as they cruise by.


    You wonder what they saw in you that caught their attention; was it you're fit body, your glowing face.....


    OR was it your stunning Watuko beanie making you the most attractive cyclist on the road!

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